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Lentek Mosquito Trap - Pre LMT

I purchased the Lentek mosquito trap back in March of 2003. What a great product!! Pre LMT (that's what my family calls the days when the mosquitoes ruled the property around my home - before we purchased our new Lentek mosquito trap) we couldn't set foot in our back yard after dusk. As soon as the sun went down it was like the mosquitoes took their turn to rule. Just walking out the door would invite swarms of the blood-thirsty pests to cover you, often causing you to flee back into the safety of the house. I think the record kill rate for a single slap was about 8 mosquitoes. Considering how much area a hand can cover that goes to show just how many mosquitoes we had to deal with.

Needless to say we were very excited the day that our Lentek mosquito trap arrived. I was quite impressed with the amount of packaging around the unit. It's a pretty tough unit considering the heavy duty construction, but it was packed as if it was made of glass. The only weak point I could see in the construction was the motor mount for the fan. It's one of the few plastic pieces of the unit, and considering it's holding one of the heavier and most important pieces of the unit, it should be metal like everything else.

The air flow of the unit was much more powerful than any of the competitors (mosquito magnet, mosquito magnet pro, flowtron) I saw at the local home show. I wouldn't be surprised if passing birds were slightly blown off course by the heavy suction of the heavy duty lentek fan. One thing to note. If you're a bit curious about new toys and decide to take things apart to see how they work (yes, I'm one of those people), make sure that you take not of which direction the fan goes in. I mistakenly installed it backwards the first couple of tries and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't suck nearly as well as before I played with it.

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