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Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus Review

Mosquito Magnet Spiel

The mosquito magnet liberty plus is a newer more up to date version of the mosquito magnet liberty unit offered by American BioPhysics Corp. The liberty plus has all the benefits of the liberty, but does not require a power cord. Instead of the your household power, the mosquito magnet liberty plus uses a state of the art hybrid power system consisting of a thermoelectric module and a NIMH batter pack. This enables you to place it anywhere on your property and avoid the nuisance of finding a place to plug the unit in.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Customers

My neighbor purchased the mosquito magnet liberty from you a month ago and is extremely happy with the product. When I saw there was a cordless version of the product I had to jump at the chance to purchase it. Not only do I not have to worry about running a cord across my backyard like my neighbor has (and it's definitely an eye-sore if you ask me), but I can place the unit more than 50 feet from my house. This really helps to draw the mosquitoes farther away from our back deck, and also allows us to put the unit out of sight behind some bushes in the back yard. On a quiet night it's also nice not to have to listen to the fan on the unit buzzing in your ear. Of course before we installed the unit the fan would not have been audible above the buzz of the local mosquitoes.

Bill in Seattle, WA

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